Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bonne experience

I'm quite quick to complain about bad experiences but don't share the good often enough... (is that because they don't happen as often?! sh Sarah... we're being positive here).

This weekend I've had two really good experiences of which to speak of:

1. The Spotted Pig

Though we had to wait nearly 2 hours for a table we found a nice cozy spot to sit and have drinks by the bar. The service started out quite slow, but we'd anticipated that and set our expectations quite low. The food was awesome- especially the brussel sprouts (or as I dubbed them - the "Butter sprouts") and the waiter was really nice. When our shoestring fries took too long to come out- the next round was on him. We'd had enough to drink by then and settled on a compromise of a warm delish ginger cake.

2. Resto

Today I went to brunch at this lovely place on the east side. They actually take reservations (not many places do) so we were able to sail in and sit down. I ordered a belgian hot chocolate- with a breakfast of granola and yogurt. I had VERY high expectations for the food as I have a granola/fruit/yogurt favourite at "Bonjour Brioche" in Toronto. Today's dish did not even come close to measuring up. The granola was one type of flake, with almonds, and the "fruit" was 4 pieces (ok- 5) of banana. And they served it with a giant serving spoon. And didn't bring out my hot chocolate until after I'd asked for it twice. Ok I know this doesn't sound very good... but it's not the server's fault the food wasn't great- and she was quite pleasant. And without us asking another very cute waiter brought us a bowl of "blood Orange" sorbet- compliments of the house.
And that was very nice.
And the sorbet was very good.

So we will go back- and I will try something else on the menu that perhaps does have a hope of exceeding expectations...

I hope these experiences become the norm and not the exception because it's nice to have friendly people serve you... and have positive experiences to report.

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