Monday, February 23, 2009

Remember me?

Stefan, David and Paula- do you remember this linoleum??!?!?! Jen's aunt had the same stuff in her kitchen in Halifax.

And people in NY= remember this stuff?? It's called snow. They also had this in Halifax. And they don't have it here. But apparently there was 11" of it this weekend in Vermont- where I will be enjoying next weekend skiing.

And this last picture is of my valentine's date in Halifax. Jen and I went out for dinner with her parents before I went to visit my Grandma. Maybe not the most romantic night- but a good one.
Also I wanted to post the pic of my hair pre-cut. I got it butchered again this weekend. V upsetting but I won't bother posting about it. Just refer to last March- there'll be an entry in there ("Some perspective" and "Nope it's still horrible") and it's basically the same story. Rinse and repeat.

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