Monday, February 16, 2009

Out East

I was in Halifax and Moncton this weekend- visiting friends and family, and seeing snow.

I went to Halifax to see an old friend Jen. She and I lived in Toronto at the same time for a year and both moved away last Fall. I had seen her since the move and, once again, we saw one another and it was like no time had passed (that's my MO with this girl- we can go YEARS without seeing each other and then get together pas de problem).

We went out for a great dinner at Onyx (I'm having AWESOME luck at dining out lately) with friends I'd been hearing all about and was glad to finally meet, and then we went for a drink at a way too young for me bar- trying to hunt down my cousin Chris who was MIA. He was at a gay bar- and didn't want to tell me that's where he was in case I was weird about the whole gay bar scene. HAH. Clearly this guy DOES NOT know me!!!

Jen and I drove to Moncton on Saturday and I saw my Grandma. She is in the hospital having tests right now- but doing really well. She's in high spirits, has good colour in her cheeks and is just acting the cautious way you're meant to when you're 84. I have to say - I was very, very glad to see her. I showed her pictures of baby O on my ipod touch- and she said, in a very serious tone, "this is a very cute baby. Isn't she Nancy? She's a cute baby." She is Grandma : )
(Nancy is my aunt- who was also in town. And we had a chance for some one on one visiting- which was unusual but very welcomed).

I loved visiting the maritimes because it was home. Because it was family. Because it was snowing. Because it was everything I'd been missing.

And now I'm back at work. When I get home I'll upload some pictures.

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