Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bad movies & good wine

We went to see the movie "Adventureland" last night. Had high hopes for it as the commercials showed a witty coming of age story about a motley crew of kids getting into trouble, working as carnies and generally being kids in the best of all decades- the 80s.
Well to give an idea of how great it was:
There was one scene where the main kid was driving down the street drinking (I'm not 'spoiling' anything for you because you're not going to see it and if I am spoiling it- trust me- this little tidbit is only a shadow of the spoilage you will experience if you actually watch this pile of crap). So anys...he's driving down the street and veering and maybe the music starts to pipe in ominous tones so that you suspect something bad is going to happen- or maybe not- you don't really care either way by this point... and while he was veering, I was silently praying "Run into a tree....roll credits... run into a tree...c'mon credits..."
But alas though he did hit a tree no one died and it still went on for like another 20 long and boring and painful and pointless minutes. Please save yourself the $130 and don't go see it.

Afterwards to salvage the evening, Rose and I went to a wine bar nearish to my house. It was called "Barcibo Enoteca" and it was awesome. The service was a bit slow but that was only because I was really hungry and impatient. The setting was cozy and warm. The food was fantastic (nutella panini!!) and the wine plentiful and delish. I recommend it to anyone. Though it did seem more like a date place than somewhere you'd go with a group of friends.
Regardless of who you go with- it saved our evening and has earned a spot on my list of 'visit again'.

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