Friday, June 26, 2009

Just more memories

I heard a quote today on NBC that I liked:

"He was the soundtrack to people's lives."

Someone at work today told me "Well he only had like 10 songs or something..." and I wanted to hit him. I spent the rest of the day sending him 'factoid' emails about the things that Michael accomplished to the impact he had on truly the world.

Small things like being the first entertainer to get $2 residuals off of each album (ground breaking in the industry) to big things like - selling the number one album in the world of all time.

Another quote on facebook read :

"I feel as though a piece of my childhood has died." which resonated with me as well. Maybe it's because I'm just thinking about it- but I have real memories associated with his songs like no others.

- 55 Bearberry Crescent in the living room dancing to "Off the Wall".
- Learning about the accident with his hair while in the cafeteria/gym at Beddington Heights Elementary.
- Going shopping with friend Sandy to get the HIStory album.
- Watching the "Scream" video in my living room at 15-28. (We moved around a lot in the early years!)
- Dancing to "Man in the Mirror" with a junior high crush...

Ok it's late: I'm watching youtube videos and drowing myself in tributes. Time to go to sleep.

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