Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Update

Went to a Mets game on Friday night at Citifield- was super fun to get out there and see a game (mostly fun to be outside and eat burgers and drink beer).

This is me drinking a custard shake: and realizing I really don't like custard.

Citifield: a really great stadium.

After the game we went to my local and had drinks- and our friend J & E showed up. We stayed a bit later than intended and then they wanted to see my place. Here is Rose and John- I think they wanted to stay even longer!!!

Two of my good friends were also in town this weekend and I took them shopping and eating and showing etc.
Here is Rob on our first day together minutes after he'd dropped his bbstorm and the screen broke. Oddly enough when I was in Rome with Jen she dropped her iphone and its' screen broke as well. (I'm screen bad luck maybe?)

I also saw the much anticipate movie "The Proposal" today- and recommend it.

Sorry so brief: am tired. And I think I'm getting sick.

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