Saturday, June 06, 2009

Purple Rain

When our family moved into the house in Santana we were told to pick out paint colours for our rooms. I picked purple. It was painted pink. A very real, very solid pink. They told me it was 'violet'. Now to be fair- maybe the card said that -but it sure wasn't violet especially when they accented it with a pink quilt, pink blinds and a rose colour carpet.
Anyhow- it's been a few years, clearly I'm having trouble letting go... and so today I decided to right some wrongs. Life has come full circle.
Today I painted one of the walls in my room PURPLE. To be precise "Plum Royale". I LOVE IT.
Here it is after the first coat (I then did a second coat- and will take a picture once it dries and I have my room reassembled).

THANK YOU RK for spending a BEAUTIFUL Saturday afternoon indoors helping me!!!

This is us hard at work. Though compared to my other painting jobs (that take weeks) this one was relatively painless.

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Sandy C said...

Love the colour!!