Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stolen Moments

Pencils down. Heads up. Stop working on your client emails. Stop looking at your monitor. Look out the window.


Those were the words I heard tonight in my office amidst the cacophony of office noise. Lots of people were gone but there were a dozen or so of us left- working diligently away. Back at the grind after the summer was clearly over. Not talking to each other (even though we work in the most open of open office environments). Not lifting our eyes from our desks. Not enjoying our time.

And we did stop and look up. (Hearing someone boldly break the silence with such orders does cause one to listen and obey)

In about 5 minutes time the sky had gone from a dim twilight to being flooded with this pink light. It was so unexpected and beautiful. (picture does not capture it at all)

I loved it because it was this unexpected, shared moment- where we all stopped and got up, went to the window and just took it all in. Just for a minute before going back to work.

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