Friday, November 06, 2009

It's Friday

And quite possibly a really really great Friday (though I am trying to manage my expectations).

First of all I was at work by 8am. For those that know me- that's a big deal. That's early, which = productive.

Why so early?? Well because I'm taking a couple of hours during the day to go to the Yankee parade up Broadway. You might have heard they won the World Series (!!) and today there is a ticker tape parade to celebrate. If that isn't NYC then I don't know what is. Look how excited O is by it!

Next on the agenda, my friend Kristina is coming into town for an impromptu visit.

And to finish off the day (and likely into tomorrow) is a birthday/disco party. Exclusive event with fab people, and I'm going to have Farrah Fawcett hair.

I keep saying pictures to come but let's be honest...without a camera that's hard for me to do. But we'll see... maybe it's going to be the type of day where pictures are best not taken... : )

(For the record I want to say that I tried to write a post sans parenthesis... but it didn't happen. I did edit a couple out but it was just not possible to have a post without sidebar comments from me to me).

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