Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Challenge

Six (6!!) years ago I did a half-marathon in Calgary. That was back when I was a "runner". I used to run with my friend Leigh or Scott 4-5 times a week. I used to run an 8 min mile. I used to run 45-60 minutes each time I went out and I used to cap my outdoor running temperature at -18C.

You will have noticed a lot of "used to"'s in that paragraph.

Upon moving to Toronto I kind of gave up the running as I was spoiled with all of the paths in Calgary and the lack of such areas to run in Toronto. I also worked a hell of a lot more- and just didn't have time.

So I stopped running and started drinking and gained 15lbs. It was a win-win situation.

Needless to say I've missed it. I've missed the stress relief and all of the zillion health benefits that come with running.

And now? Well I'm in NY. Where it's busier, and I'm working more than ever. BUT. But - I live a block away from Central Park. And I belong to one of the nicest gyms I've ever belonged to.

And I have a friend who is a runner (a real runner) who asked a bunch of us if we wanted to do a marathon with her in Miami in January. So I said yes. Not for the full marathon- but I did sign up for the half.

I'm 'running' again. I've slipped to a 10min mile so it's more like jogging. And I'm getting winded at 30 minutes in. And I miss my old running partners Leigh and Scott. But I'm doing it and am so happy!!!

Will keep you posted on the progress. For now I'm hoping to just finish the half in an un-embarrassing time but hopefully as my 'training' progresses I'll actually set a time goal for myself.

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