Thursday, March 04, 2010

Burning the Midnight Oil

It was my second year at Ogilvy. I was a fresh young innocent who had my whole life in front of me. I remember working late with my colleagues (and now good friends) Leigh and Eric. We were clustered around my desk laughing about something when my boss strolled in. She paused, and adopted a very proud expression: "Look at you guys... burning the midnight oil!".

It was 6:30PM.

Fast forward a few years (no need to call out how many) and I find myself again at the office, surrounded by take out boxes of poorly prepared Thai. I'm in a new city, a little less innocent, but with the same company, and again sitting with a bunch of colleagues, "burning the midnight oil".

Only it's nearing 10pm. And we'll be here later still.

Maybe I should move back to Calgary...

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