Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My knee in pictures

These are kind of gross- but I think they are cool. I'm fascinated by inner workings of our bodies. I stayed awake for the first half of the surgery (until the saw came out) and the surgeon talked me through all of the thing she was doing (scraping away and cleaning up the cartilage, breaking holes into the bone marrow to allow for blood to escape and form scar tissue etc... fun stuff!)

The first picture is the good side of my cartilage in the knee- looks all shiny and smooth: like an egg.

The second picture is the cartilage that has been ground down and looks more like crab meat that's been feathered/shredded.

There's another picture of cartilage missing. Boring. You can just imagine it.

Finally- here is an x-ray of the knee with the two screws in it. Those look like Philips pan head machine screws? Maybe? Maybe not.

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