Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sometimes work = fun

For the most part I have a fun job. I work in advertising and while there are some challenges, it's not rocket science and we're not averting nuclear disasters. We sell mayonnaise and salad dressing. Not hopes and dreams... just little ways to make your meal better.

And also for the most part I work with a group of talented, fun and GOOD individuals. There are very few people on the team (including extended group) that I don't like.

Friday we had a big meeting, there were about 25 of us in the room, and we were presenting a BIG idea for a 2011 campaign. The team was pretty excited about the idea and had a new way of presenting the material. We kind of acted it out like a scripted consumer journey. It ended up being pretty funny but also a clear and clever way to present versus the old school powerpoint. I'd had a minor fear that it might be too casual... but then I remembered: Advertising- not nuclear science. Right.

Client loved it- it was smiles all around. It was a "Mad Men" moment where we almost broke out the cigars and whiskey. Except that it was 11am. And 2011. So... we all just went about our days...

But it was definitely a fun way to end out the week.

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