Monday, May 23, 2011

My Monday Night

* Breath Again * Heaven * Nothing Compares to U * Against All Odds * I Will Always Love You * Broken Wings * It Must Have Been Love * I Can't Live If Living is Without You * Hard to Say I'm Sorry * Right Here Waiting * Ordinary World * I Want to Know What Love Is * Eleanor Rigby * End of the Road * Hello * Bittersweet Symphony * I miss you * Chasing Cars *

Lest people get the wrong idea- the song selection was courtesy of Youtube 'suggestions'. I picked the first song and the list was off and running. By the end of the run I felt like my 14/24 year old self had just been broken up with, even though I'm not even dating anyone.

And my 35 year old self was left lying listlessly on the couch thinking someone please get me some wine while I hit repeat...

This enforced solitary confinement really is NOT good for me...

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