Friday, March 30, 2007

Best in Show

The 2007 Marketing awards were last night- and our team won the top prize "Beat in Show" for "Evolution". If you haven't seen this video yet- check it out at It's amazing!! Since I managed the project I went up on stage with the whole team to accept the award- which was kind of cool. And my picture might make it into marketing magazine- which would be very cool. I'll see next week.

To celebrate - our team went to the Gladstone to do some karaokee! (Well just Hayley- she rocked out). We found this completely random karaokee van to take us there- a van with a screen, mikes and a disco ball. Funny how easy it is to sing after a couple of glasses of wine!!

We then went on to the Drake for the after party, and then home by 2:30am. Not too bad considering I had to get up this morning at 6:30am for a Hellmann's photoshoot. It's not all glamorous! It's been a long day...

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laura said...

I love your stories!!! Congratulations on the win and if you do get in the mag make sure you scan it in!!Hope you have a great easter..big Sarah type hug coming at you right!! Could you feel it!!
Love ya
L xxx