Thursday, May 31, 2007


I had such a great week for friendships! I wanted to share how great it was. It started on the weekend when I spent the day with a friend of mine- helping her to buy a new bike, and riding around town and eating greasy fish and chips in the park before heading off to a noisy dancey bar for some random fun. Monday night I talked to one of my best friends (my twin) for over an hour- just catching up and having a freakin' great conversation. Then afterwards I went over to a friends house for a "wii" night. (Ever played?! SO MUCH FUN). We ate trashy food and played Monkey Ball. Tuesday night I met a new friend for coffee- and a potential 20 min convo turned into an hour and a half of great conversations (yes I'm totally going to overuse the word "great" in this post). Wednesday I met some friends for dinner- it had been a ridiculously long time since we'd last seen each other and we made vows not to let it happen again. Last night I went out for dinner with some friends- a good-bye/hello dinner, and afterwards some other work peeps joined us on the patio. It was amazing: gorgeous outside, everyone was in great spirits and laughing and talking... and I was so content to be there. Then this morning i received a card from a good friend who lives far far away (in the distant land called "Calgary") just saying hi and congrats on the new job. In this era of internet and email I know how much effort that takes- and was all the more appreciative of the thought.
Now will I have a week like this every week? I don't think I could afford it either in money or sleep. But this week was wick and serves to make me appreciate the amazing people that populate my life. And now I have to run and meet some buddies to watched "Knocked Up'- unfortunately I have high expectations for this movie- and anyone who knows me knows that this is not a good thing... maybe I'll post a review of it...
I wish wish wish I had taken my camera with me all week- to capture it all but instead -here is a mini photo of me. Just what everyone wanted. I was having some fun with the iphoto. Dont I look scary and washed out?

Update: I went to the movie- everyone really loved it. I thought it was only ok.

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