Sunday, May 20, 2007

Piggly Wiggly

Yes it exists. I've seen it. I've driven by it. I remember they mentioned the "Piggly Wiggly" in the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" and little ignorant Sarah thought it was something clever that has been written for the movie. But it wasn't. Although to be fair- it's no more off of a grocery chain name than "Overwaitie" which is popular in Western Canada. Anyhow... Here are some pictures - first off- us on the airplane heading down to Birmingham. Then me and my cousin Elisa in front of the Cullman Flea Market, whiling away the hours rocking.

I have to be careful what I write here - it would be sooo easy to make fun of the South and the accents, and the stereotypes which are mostly true (like the 15 yr old who has been driving a truck since he was 6 yrs old)- but that would be too easy- and wouldn't acknowledge what I have discovered: the kindness of the people, and beauty of the countryside. Yesterday I went for a run around the subdivision where my cousin Ross lives- it's so green and spread out and the complete opposite of the housing divisions that sprout up like cancer in the suburbs of Calgary- (which looking exactly the same - like a rash over the city). And the killer thing was- EVERYONE who drove by me, waved at me. Everyone I ran by, nodded, waved and said hello- way nicer than anyone you encounter in the supposedly "nice" city of Toronto (or even Calgary for that matter).

The only thing is I've kind of adopted the southern accent- yikes! If you catch me saying "y'all" then give me some grace to come back down... it's really addictive!! Oh and the last picture is the family outside of the Cheesecake Factory- where you order a small salad and its' about the size of a double XXL. Piggly wiggly indeed...

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