Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prezzie wish list

Yes I did just get a pile of gifts for Christmas- and yes I'm thankful for them... but Christmas is so last year. And now it's time for my birthday. I can always think of things now- but when people ask me closer to the date I'll say "I dunno-a Banana GC?" and then after slap my head and say "oh- right I really wanted x".
So here is X:
- speakers for my computer (macbook)
- GC to the Apple store
- Burton luggage- the cream plaidy flowery kind.
- a good set of Henckel knives
- MEGA PEANUT M&Ms. Not regular peanut M&Ms, not mega plain M&MS. MEGA PEANUT. (honestly I will marry the person who gives me these)
- fun or useful cooking stuff
- lulu lemon pants
- will add more to the list as things come up...

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