Sunday, July 06, 2008

Best brunch

My favourite brunch in the city used to be at this place on College called Xacutti. It had delicious dinner's as well (not the trout!) but the brunch was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
Of course brunch would set you back about $50 so I only went there a couple of times. They had this one dish... a giant waffle covered in fresh fruit- and not just strawberry and cantelope, but mango and passion fruit and wild berries, covered in... wait for it... melted toblerone chocolate. AMAZING.
My friend asked me the other day where she should go for brunch for her birthday and I immediately said "Xacutti"... forgetting that it has shut down. I guess no one else wanted to pay $50 for brunch either.

Does anyone else have any good brunch suggestions for Toronto? (and not Bonjour - I know Bonjour and I love Bonjour... but I'm over it a little bit... just a bit- I can see Rob gasping now).

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