Sunday, July 20, 2008

Models, Movies and Magic

This has been a great week:
I went to the movie "Dark Knight" last Thursday. We went to the midnight showing- which was packed. The movie got out at 3am and there were piles of people waiting for a 3am showing (followed by a 6 am showing). The movie was incredible- though I think I need to go see it again. It was really late when I saw it and I was in the second row. (Also Spy in July was just before the and I might have had a couple of beverages that further caused sleepiness). The movie broke all sorts of records- I think it made $153 million in one weekend- I know I've been waiting to see it since "Batman Begins" finished- 3 years ago.
Saturday was a long day as we were at a photo shoot for a pro-bono client of mine. It's a company called "Greensaver", which is a company that does energy efficiency audits on homes. We are doing an OOH campaign for them in the Fall (or Winter) and needed to shoot 6 people in various scenarios. One of those people was me. IF the campaign launches- I'll be on Toronto transit shelter posters throughout the GTA. And I have to say - modeling is actually kind of hard. "Smile. no, not like that, smile as though you are really excited... now smile as though you have won the lottery. No, not quite that happy." OK FINE I'M TIRED- I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SMILE - LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
And finally- the magic. My IPHONE. I LOVE IT. It's the coolest thing ever and easily the most awesome thing I've ever owned.

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