Sunday, July 06, 2008

Why am I doing this again and not just hiring some college student?

I'm painting my apartment. Yesterday my roommate and I did two bathrooms, the kitchen and half the living room. Today I have to paint the cave that is my room. For some reason every square inch of this room is covered in dark gray. And I don't like it. And while the picture shows me using a traditional paintbrush... I was using the roll-y thing for most of the wall. HOWEVER we only had ONE roll-y thing- as a 'friend' had given me crap advice to only get one. It really held us up...I don't want to get into it.

Here is my roommate Wendy yesterday, covering up the uber green colour.

Anyhow, my hand hurts, my shoulders hurt, it's 30C outside and I SHOULD be sitting by my pool drinking cold drinks... but instead - I will paint (at least until 11 when my friends come over and we go sit by said pool and drink cold drinks).

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