Saturday, May 30, 2009

The residential tourist

As summer hits I'm struck by how many people are coming to New York to visit. (I used to be one of them). I'm lucky to live here as it's really a place people get excited about visiting. But living here day to day you get caught up in routine and forget about the things that make this city so great. This summer I want to take advantage of where I live and continue to not just live in this city- but to "tour" it.

Tonight Sherry and I walked along the Brooklyn bridge and have dinner off of the island. I'm sure there is some amazing history to the bridge. But we missed our walking tour because we ran into Chris (see earlier post).
But I reasoned- I can read about the bb and I'd rather have run into the old friend.

I was quite taken with how charming Brooklyn was. Of course it's far too hip and cool for me. But I can go over and dip my toe in before scuttling back to the city.

A view of Manhattan's skyline at sunset.


A reminder that Manhattan is an island.

Me on the bridge. (insert interesting history factoid here).

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