Monday, May 04, 2009

The more things change.

I haven't been inspired to write lately... I don't know why. And as this is meant to keep friends and family abreast of my goings on- here are some goings on since last I wrote:
- I got rocked at work last week (this week is looking better but will be able to breath after tomorrow)
- Bedroom renos continue and I'm looking to paint - because I haven't already painted enough this past year. Blue or Copper?
- I watched High School Musical 3 and for the first time in a long time I didn't find the teen movie a guilty pleasure. I found it painful. Like fast forwardly bad.
- I'm going to see "Star Trek" this Friday and am looking forward to it
- I'm particularly looking forward to it because I'm going with my friends in Toronto (it is a summer tradition to go for sushi and then to see the summer blockbusters and as I happen to be in town for LP's wedding I get to join)
- I had sort of met someone and have since discarded that same someone. This is a good thing because while he's a good guy, he's not the guy.
- I reached my boiling point at work last week and I have a very slow boiling point. But at least I learned what my threshold is.
- I went for a run in Central Park (in New York) and reflected on the changes in my life since I used to go running in Centennial Park (in Calgary).

It's funny how some things are so very different and yet some things are so very much the same.

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