Saturday, May 30, 2009

Old faces in new places

So my friend Sherry and I are standing on the corner of Broadway and Chambers this afternoon- heading down to the Brooklyn bridge. It's pretty busy, it's right downtown and a beautiful afternoon. People everywhere.
Though Sherry wants to get going I see a Starbucks and make her stop so I can go for a mocha. On the way I look up and see this guy who looks vaguely familiar. I pause and do a double take and I see that he seems to recognize me. And it's ... no it couldn't be... yes-yes, it is... a guy that I went to high school with in Calgary *ahem* a million years ago!
so completely random.
We were both blown away because it was so unexpected and I think we'd only seen each other once since graduation- and even that was years ago (geez- how old am I anyhow?!). He lives in LA now, just in town for a few days with a friend.
We chatted, got more or less caught up- and I took a picture of him in the Starbucks with my new iphone.

He's doing well and it was great to see him. It was also good to be reminded that New York really is a tiny tiny place.

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Sandy C said...

Chris Kramer!?!?!? Crazy!