Monday, May 11, 2009

Whirlwind weekend with a wedding.

I was in Toronto this weekend for all too short of a visit. I didn't get to do all I wanted to do and see everyone I wanted to see- but there will be other trips. (Although given it took 7 hours to get home yesterday I'm not sure I want to go back!)

I saw Star Trek on Friday night (give it a 7/10) and a wedding all day Saturday. We also made it to RV's birthday bbq (in between ceremony and reception) all dressed in our wedding finery designed to make the other guests feel shoddy and under-dressed.

Us at the start of the bbq.

The wedding and reception were both beautiful. It was a Catholic ceremony with a full on mass, and though there was lightening outside- none of it made it to our rows (I will say that our rows were suspiciously quiet throughout all of the prayer and response). And Lisa was, of course, stunning. Her husband is Scottish so the men all wore kilts.

Here is most of (some of?) the gang at the reception with the bride.

4am post reception found me and Rob practicing our "Model" poses- (launched in 2006). "Smile with your eyes" - treasured words of the esteemed Tyra Banks.

And finally Sunday was a quick catch up brunch where three girls compared notes on our lives and realized we are all living the same one- months apart. There is comfort in that but funny enough- no learning.

And did I mention it took me 7 hours to get home?? And that I didn't drive but flew? In an airplane? Not made by the Wright brothers? And it was a direct flight? 7. hours.
But I'm home- and will not let the journey home diminish the joy that preceded it.

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