Sunday, March 07, 2010

Meet Monty

Every year for Christmas my stepDad gets my Mom a piece of folk art. It's my favourite part of the morning as you never know what crazy thing he's going to come up with. We've got polar bears, penguins, ducks and one year a giraffe. His name is Jerome.

When Jerome first arrived we were all a bit shocked- he was 5 feet tall and carved of wood. But he soon found a home in the kitchen nook and has been there ever since. He's a great talking piece.

Yesterday I went to Pier 1 for an area rug- but instead fell in love with my own 5ft tall giraffe. My home is far too small to have a piece of art like this- I barely have enough floor space for furniture- but he came home with me anyway. He's black instead of brown. He's metal instead of wood. And his name is Monty.

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