Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things I love - or don't

One of the sub-plots of the TV Show "Sex in the City" was Carrie Bradshaw's obsession with shoes. eg. One episode episode was about how she spent $40,000 on the shoes in her closet. This, in part, spawned an entire generation of people being proud of their 'love' of shoes and desire to spend hundreds, if not thousands of $$$ on footwear.

I will put this on the table right now: just to be controversial. I hate shoes. I just hate them. I wish that I could walk around barefoot or wear the same pair of shoes every single day. Wait- that IS what I do...

What's wrong with me? What girl gene am I missing that I don't labor and obsess over what decorates my feet?! I don't have such 'weaknesses...' (though my closet is still somehow bursting). I guess I do like my converse running shoes... and someone told me today that I can go to their site (converse.com) to build a custom pair.

So maybe I do like shoes. I just prefer the name Chuck Taylor over Jimmy Choo.

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