Thursday, May 20, 2010

West Jet Loveliness

The Canadian airline West Jet seasonally flies out of & into Newark from May - Sept. I recently flew on this airline to Vancouver.

I love the relaxed casual approach to flying West Jet has. I used to think that flying was serious business and no place for silliness or games. I mean this is our lives we're talking about here!

But given that anyone of us could die at any moments- walking across the street for example- I've realized there is always room for levity and enjoyment.

Another GREAT thing that West Jet offered this time around (aside from their conviviality) was noise reducing ear phones. I have bought $90 NR earphones before- to be bitterly heartbreakingly disappointed. These ones were $10 so I was skeptical.

They are BRILLIANT. I've realized that I'm not actually deaf and am able to reduce the volume by half when walking down the streets of NYC. My iphone earphones just let out too much sound.

The secret to these are that the bud part is made of wood. Literally- it's wood. It's so weird. But the wood absorbs the sound vibrations (insert bad dirty joke here) or something. I don't know how it works. The lady on the plane didn't either. But it does.

One more reason to fly the friendly skies with West Jet. (not their slogan)

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