Friday, January 04, 2008

The coldest place in Canada

is not actually Winnipeg. Cliff went up to Tuktoyaktuk this year- which I thought was the coolest (no pun intended- yikes). I think we should ALL try to make a trek to the great white north at some point in our lives. But for various reasons that trip will not happen for at least another year. However until I do make it up to the snowy wasteland of whale blubber snacking I will be content with my almost annual pilgrimage to Winnipeg.
If you'd asked me before David moved there how often I saw myself going there- I would have said "never". But now... well BOTH of my brothers and sister in law and the dog live there- and so to Winnipeg I must go.

It's actually quite a relaxing part of my journey (as you can imagine not a lot goes on). We went to a great little bakery for some dessert the first night. Did some shopping at uber trendy shops on a day that felt like Saturday (did you know 1921 jeans started in Winnipeg?!) and hung out with the dog Wilbur.

One night we went to Leo's for dinner and games (rummykub- I'm such a nerd)(Leo is Tanya's Dad). He lives in an amazing log cabin he built himself. Mom made him a log cabin quilt that fits in perfectly.

I missed Stefan's arrival into Winnipeg by a couple of days- but I will probably see him there next Christmas and I will bring my favourite winter boots and take Wilbur for a walk.

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