Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I heart Brokeback

When I lived with my good friend Lola she was in looove with an Australian actor who starred in "A Knight's Tale". I couldn't understand it- I guess the accent was okay and he could sort of act... but what did Heath Ledger have that say- Leonardo DiCaprio didn't?!
Then- in 2005 he came out in a little indie film that took the world by storm... I loved it. I saw it in the theaters four times (I kept telling various friends I hadn't seen it and did they want to go??) and then bought the DVD and even purchased the screenplay. I don't know why but this movie really touched something in me. And I was particularly taken by the performance of Heath. It was so subtle, but so powerful. He was nominated for an academy award and I was so angry when he lost to Philip Seymour Hoffman (who probably did a good job too).
As far as talented actors go, he flew under the radar of publicity, probably partying it up- but also choosing to live in the more subdued borough of Brooklyn to raise his young daughter with an equally cool and "down to earth" partner. I finally understood the allure for my friend.
I also hearted Heath Ledger and I'm sad that he died.

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