Monday, January 07, 2008

I LOVE kicking ass

I joined a Toronto Muay Thai class today- it was soooo rad. I used to do it for a number of years in Calgary (Mike Miles kick-boxing) and loved it then. But then I moved to Toronto and well.. there wasn't the time, the place or the opportunity. I did try a few muay thai type classes trhough the gym I belonged to- with similar exercises- but it just wasn't the same. You weren't training to fight- you were just training as a form of cardio: there's a difference.

Today's class was very similar to what I experienced before. I felt just as inept and out of shape as before. And despite hopes to the contrary- I haven't suddenly become graceful or coordinated.
It's been 5 years since I "trained" and the body staring back at me from the mirrored wall was fairly different from the one in similar surroundings so many years ago. But I still pushed myself to beyond where I thought capable- my muscles are already starting to stiffen... and I can't wait to go back on Wednesday! : )

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