Saturday, January 26, 2008

Night of the Living Sarah.

I has a conversation with my Mom the other day which gave me pause. I told her I'd bought new pillows (yes yes I can't seem to shut up about them) and she said "(pause) yes. I know" "But Mom," I'm puzzled "how do you know?" mom: "Because Sarah. I read about it on your blog. (sigh) I even saw pictures of them. what are people going to think about this girl who has nothing better to do than take pictures of pillows and put them up on the internet?!" (Fair enough- though Mom was mostly teasing me)
So... in an effort to redeem my reputation (IT WAS A TUESDAY- A SLOW NIGHT! NOT A LOT GOING ON!!!), and because I'd been wanting to write about my weekend adventure anyhow- I thought I'd share the 'wild and crazy' mishaps of the past couple of weekends...

Three weekends ago... SP birthday- but also Kerri's coming home drinks- I hit both, going to see Ker first and then arriving at SP's bash at midnight- to hang out for a couple of hours before heading to an after party where I ran into a guy I'd blown off a year earlier. I was fine with seeing him- he apparently was not. I said hi- he looked at me- or rather through me- and stalked off. He avoided me the rest of the night- which in a downtown Toronto one bedroom 600sq ft condo is quite a feat. (Who knew I was such a heart breaker?) That night saw me arriving home around 4am.

Last weekend: PM's birthday. Me and Kerri meet around the, we feel, ridiculously early hour of 9 at the downtown loft- and start to mingle. It's fun, the food has already been eaten, so we just drink. Not such a good idea on an empty stomach but it makes for some good mingling.
We meet some new friends, catch up with old, and then head off at 1:30 with said new friends to a new bar- Tattoo. (Queen and... somewhere- super fun). There's a crowd around front so go round back and sneak in- Ker & I ditched our new friends for the dance floor where we danced til last call- and then ran out to grab cabs while we could. Home: 3am.

This weekend- Jeff R's decabration weekend (see link on right column) and we kick things off with a sushi dinner with 12 close friends at Sushi Inn. (Yorkville- super good) Then some of us head over to Hemingway's for a drink (I ordered a "greyhound" and felt about 47). Then hopped onto the subway southbound for "Joe Mama's" where I met up again with Kerri and Christie to see a really good live band.

Jen and Mike met up with me there (Jen my old maritime friend from an earlier post) and we headed over around midnight to the opening of a new restaurant/bar the Harbord Room. (89 Harbord)
It's being run by my cousin Dave Mitton- of Czehoski fame- who I'd never actually met.
We get there - sit down, Mike gets us drinks- and Dave comes over to say hi. Mike introduces me to him- saying "I think you two used to know each other or something?" And I responded with (while shaking Dave's hand) "Hi Dave, I'm Sarah. Im your cousin."
He replied with "Oh - it's you!"
net net- we had a great time- he's an amazing guy and his restaurant is an amazing place. My good friends in Toronto will have a chance to check it out- because we're going there for my birthday.
Got home last night at 3:30am- carefully opening the door so as to not be loud and wake my roommate- who was up and in the kitchen- getting ready for our cleaning bonanza today.
So there you go. Life in the aquatic. It's pretty fun.
oh and incidentally I have to say- my mad hugging skills? I'd always thought that they were unique to Sarah- until I hugged Dave last night... and honestly-it was a glimpse of what it must be like for everyone out there who hugs me- and it was AWESOME. He was an amazing hugger. So maybe it's actually a Mitton trait... interesting... : )

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