Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nope, it's still horrible

I just deleted the last post where I said I was overreacting about my hair... because I actually wasn't. I'm a week in- and I still feel physically ill when I picture that useless, horrible, no talent hack cutting my hair. I am still kicking myself for not saying "stop" more forcefully. I still put my hair in a ponytail most of the time to avoid thinking about it.
Even though I know better.
I asked a girl at my work the other day "can you even tell I got my hair cut?" (Thinking again I had overreacted)
Her response?

"Yah I did... but it doesn't look very good so I didn't want to say anything. Sorry."

oh. ok.
Other comments include: "It's not that bad..." or "It looks really healthy." or "It'll grow back really fast."
All words a girl wants to hear. One person said "You need to go in and get a fix-it hair cut."
WHAT?! AND LOSE MORE HAIR?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! And who is to say that I'm not going to get another idiot cutting my hair and I come out with a Demi Moore in "Ghost" haircut?!
I'm leaving it for now. Wearing ponytails. I'll morph into sporty spice if I have to.

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