Sunday, March 09, 2008

Springtime Snow Day

Robs, Mahshad and I went to High Park this afternoon. We were frolicking, having snowball fights, and just generally enjoying our spring time winter. I even made a snow angel for the first time in about 25 years.
I think we got 30cm between Friday and Sunday- and though most feel its pretty late in the season to still be getting so much snow- I'm of the mind to take advantage... It was a beautiful day out- brisk but not too cold- with a bright blue sky (peppered with clouds): perfect for hiking through the park.
This is Robyn mid walk.

Me building a mini snowman/unidentifiable abstract sculpture.

People don't expect Toronto to have wide open spaces.

Be scared. Be very scared.

Lying in the snow.

My friends are fighting. I think Robyn had the upper hand because shes just learned she's an inch taller than she thought she was.

I'm busy minding my own business... lying in the snow... and enjoying all that mother nature has to offer- when my "friends" start pummeling with snow. As you can see I was very upset.

Robs on the streetcar on the way home.

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