Monday, March 24, 2008

Words to the not so wise

A few weeks ago I was watching a movie with some girlfriends called "The Break-Up". There's a scene in the movie where the female character goes on a first date with a guy- and he is predictably creepy and horrible. I said to my girlfriends "there's a little insight into my life." And they all (5 girls- ALL of whom are either married or have been in relationships for 4+ years and thus have not been on a first date in forever) said "oh no Sarah... it's not that bad... silly girl." It's not?
Let me present you with a hypothetical situation:
The other night I met a guy... let's call him "Fred". Fred and I talked volleyball which he plays, and I like to play. He was trying to convince me to come out to play beach volleyball with him. I said no as I don't like the uneven surface and he said "But Sarah you are so slim and have this amazing body..." (trails off drunkenly as his eyes travel up and down).
um. no.
But despite the fact that Fred was pretty drunk and didn't make the best impression on me, he was a friend of a friend who spoke highly of him- so I thought I'd see past the drunkenness and sloppy conversation and give him my number when he asked for it.

Friday I get a text message- and it says:

"i'm sure u will be stunning in a bikini."


So my advice? IF you like a girl and you're lucky enough that she gives you her number- CALL HER. Don't text her. Call her and say "I enjoyed meeting you- let's get together sometime."
And if you do text her- because I get that it's 2008- DON'T say something so skin-crawling-ly creepy as to render yourself a wannabe contestant on an episode of "Blind Date". It's not attractive. And it won't get you a response.

Just hypothetically speaking of course.

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