Monday, March 31, 2008


I really don't have anything to say- but I need to push down my last post about sir David. Yes I'm still a fan... but not a rabid fan (yet- we'll see what tricks he pulls out of his hat tomorrow night) and as such, an updating of the blog is in order.

The last couple of weekends have been spent with family in Windsor and Waterloo, both great visits. I was a touch sick for Windsor- and by that I mean I was coughing up a lung on a nightly and spreading the plague to my 83 year old Grandma. Did you know that if you have a cough and put Vicks Vaporub all over your feet (put on socks after!) that it stops the cough? Two people told me that in the span of two days. Two unrelated & unconnected people- it was the oddest thing.
I made my cousins and aunt watch an episode of "Planet Earth". And while my aunt was appreciative, my cousins (12 and nearly 14), not so much. Even with their sick cousin yelling at them, "LICE A METRE LONG!!! THAT DOESN'T FREAK YOU OUT AT ALL?! LOOK AT IT!!! JUST LOOK AT IT!!!!" they were busy texting and doing whatever it is "those kids do today".

Waterloo was fun/relaxing. I made my other aunt and uncle watch "Planet Earth" (what can I say? I enjoy the series and am looking to share the joy) but I think they liked it. A second hour was maybe a bit much... there's only so many aerial shots of landscape you can take in one hour, no matter how panoramic or 'spanning' it is. My cousin and aunt and I had a good night on Saturday observing Earth Hour by lighting candles and drinking wine.

In a couple of weeks I'm heading to Winnipeg to visit the brothers and brother's girlfriend and parents. I'm sure there will be stories coming out of that.
Pictures to come as well: my camera is broken right now- but hopefully it's an easy fix. I'll then post pics of Waterloo- and baking with Isabel. As well I'll have a limited showing of the works of Emily, a budding young photographer (Jo's daughters). She's handy with the lens.

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