Monday, May 12, 2008

Its so cold: Peru parte ¿wtf?!

I looked up the temperature on the internet before coming to Peru. It said highs of 14 and lows of 0. For this reason I packed a few warmer garments than I might consider taking to SOUTH AMERICA IN MAY.

At any rate, it was quite hot here for the first week, until we ventured north to the jungle and drove to higher altitudes. There we encountered hot blazing suns along an ¨Indiana Jones¨walk (scaling mountains more like) that was refreshed by a waterfall, beautiful tropic rainforests, and wild (read: cute) animals. This was followed by frigid freezing sleet, rain and eventually snow. The cold wouldnt´have been so bad had we not been travelling down the highway in the back of the cab of a truck. While it first rained, then sleeted (is that even a word?), then snowed.

By the time the snow came I gave up being brave and acting like a 19 year old and crammed my ass into the back seat of the truck where 3 of my weary comrades were already sitting. Four of us in the back was still more comfortable (at least for me) than four of us in the back of the cab with the snow.

But it´s all an experience right?
Here we are during our walk to the waterfall- scaling a mountain.

This is the entrance to a cave we visited- apparently the largest cave in Peru (maybe South America). It was pretty cool and very deep.

rorar! Apparently this little guy will grow up to be the size of my brother´s dog Wilbut, if not bigger. and he will eat you.

Here we are in our cozy little cab on the way. There are no pictures on the way down because it was too wet and cold (I might have mentioned).

This is my (was) my roommate Ally.

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