Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laughter and tears: Peru parte quatro

I don´t think I´ve laughed so much in the last couple of months as I have in the last couple of days. Our houseMom- Aurora- is soooo funny. And there is another volunteer, Stephanie, who is hilarious. We all take turns telling stories at lunch or dinner time and are laughing until we´re crying. It´s awesome. I think there are lots of lost in translation moments... but as long as we´re all having a good time I have no complaints!
In other worlds, we had a mixed afternoon at el orfanato today. It was fun and games until my little niño Miguel became the victim of ARCHAIC treatments by the ¨nurse¨. Miguel fell and ripped a scab off, exposing skin and fresh blood. (this is a different Miguel than a previous post. There are about 4 Miguels here) It was a case of looks much worse than it is and required a wash with water and band-aid. However, as protocal required, I took him into the nurse, where she poured some sort of antiseptic (circa 1959) on it, basically cauterizing the ´wound´. Poor Miquel was crying so hard his whole body was shaking and I could only just rub his back and try to reassure him that it would soon be over. (Which it evntually was, after she scrubbed it raw and put on another bubbling ointment... SO BRUTAL!)
In good news - one of the orphans is being adopted. Nelly is just over 18 months with huge eyes and a beautiful smile. She goes to her new home on Friday. I didn´t think that happened here and it´s nice to see.

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