Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peru parte penultimate

I'm home. I can't believe I was in Cusco yesterday morning and working this afternoon (solving all of the world's problems in advertising). I have uploaded my photos- and since my previous posts have been so wordy... I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Here is the whole gang on my second to last night.

This is Liz going up the slide with one of my favourite guys Pedro (not the Pedro of the earlier post- a different favourite Pedro).

Here is the original love of my life Pedrito (called so because he's younger and littler):

This is me and my new bff Stephanie- on the hike to the waterfall.

This is Miguel who had a special place in the heart of my friend Kerri who had volunteered last Christmas. She told me how amazing he was and so I was understandably excited when I finally met him. I went up to him and said "Oh so you're Miguel! It's so nice to meet you. My name is Sarah" (all in Spanish of course) and he said "Your name is caca" and he spit on me. Wow buddy, if only you'd known how you'd been talked up!!! But we ended up getting along.

There was a party to celebrate the adoption of Nelly, where all the kids gathered for cake.

However it was very sad the next day when Nelly was gone and Jimmy (who'd been, for all intent and purposes, her brother) was paying careful attention to a doll he'd never paid attention to before- telling us he was taking her to Lima and then asking us to wrap her up in a traditional sling for him. It was sweet but heart-breaking, especially as he was the tough guy of the group.

More to come tomorrow.

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The Hansens said...

Okay, that image of Jimmy being left behind after Nelly was adopted broke my heart... I'm glad for Nelly, but man...that's brutally sad.