Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kids and poo: Peru parte trés

I think my friends who have babies can attest to this, but there is an inordinate amount of poo that generally surrounds little niños. I´m finding that out quite quickly through my journey in Huancayo.
The first day I mentioned that Jose likes to just pull down his pants and pee whenever and where ever (the pants is another thing... there was a kid today, Alfredo, who was totally adorable, but spent the better part of the afternoon running around with his pants down around his knees or ankles. Eventually we all just gave up and let him run around half naked...if he didn´t mind how it hindered his speed, who were we to stop him?)
Today we went further than merely peeing... I was playing with Pedro this morning (of the previous post) and while we were going up the ladder he looked at me and said ¨caca¨, and then turned back around and proceeded to go up. Despite the language barrier I got what this meant and rushed him to the baño. Too late. There was poo EVERYWHERE! As in we had to strip this kid down and put him under the sink for a full body shower!! HOW it got up on his chest I don´t know. I don´t want to know.
Then this afternoon I had to collect Jose who was intently studying something in the corner of the yard. Upon closer inspection it was revealed to be a giant pile of poo covered in dung beetles. (I never said this was for the weak of stomach) so of course he was studying it. I whisked him away, thinking I´d at least prevented another kid from being covered... when I soon realized it was on my pants, on my jeans. How it got there when we didn´t actually touch the shit (literally), again mystifies me.
And this is particularly awesome because, despite the fact that I went to the lavatoria and scrubbed the spots (and felt a tiny bit cleaner), there is no laundry at my homestay until tomorrow. Why? Becuase we don´t have running water from 5pm onwards at my house. This hasn´t been too problematic in the past as I have ponds wet face towels to wash my face, hand sanitizer for my hands, and bottled water to brush my teeth (its amazing how clean one can get without actually turning on a tap). But in this case - I just want to stand under a hot stream of water for an hour to feel clean...
oh hot water? That´s only for about 2 minutes in the morning... and its not strong. But let´s be honest: I didn´t come to Peru for the showers... I came here for the poo.

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