Sunday, March 15, 2009

this and that

I found an apartment today. I've been looking on and off for a few weeks... it was pretty grim. But yesterday I found a listing on craigslist and went to see it today. It's on the Upper West Side... loved it. Loved the roommates -though I walked out of there thinking "they must think I'm a complete nut job" because I'd been rambling so much (what?! me?!) ...

But N (new roommate) called me 10 minutes later and said "let's do it."

So I'm in and I move in 2 weeks.

yikes! but good news
I also had a dream about my Dad last night. I was at my Stepmoms' house and we were hanging out with Stefan and David (though we were all grown up...) and I kept going up and down the stairs and my Dad was standing at the bottom of the stairs wearing a forest green polo shirt tucked into his jeans- just looking so happy and smiling at me. I asked if the others could see him and they couldn't. So I knew he was there for me. It was a happy dream and I woke up smiling.
Here is David and O. They have matching hair.

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Robyn Vickers said...

Brilliant! What a schlep house hunting is, non? Love! etc.