Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bad New York Movers

I had thought we were in a recession. I had thought people were scrambling for work. I thought people were desperate for money.

Everyone except for Lana, Alex and Joseph apparently. They are the movers that decided that they didn't need to work and my money was worthless to them. This is their number: 347-251-2327. Please don't ever use it as you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. This is their email addy through craigslist: Feel free to email them with a bogus request. This is a picture of their sad ridiculous faces in case you see them on the street and feel compelled to throw something at them.

Like the fat girl waiting for jock to pick her up for the prom... incredulously unaware that it's all a set-up to humiliate her... she keeps waiting and hoping "he's only 30 minutes late- he'll come... he'll come..." (as she shovels another kit-kat into her mouth...).

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