Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Who says you can't go home again??

I just got back from Toronto. It was my friend Rob's birthday party- and I had a meeting on Monday and though I had to give up an amazing ski trip, everything seemed to coalesce and work out for a reunion weekend.
I surprised a lot of people and subsequently felt bathed in love. Even without the surprises I felt seeped in it.
My friends took very good care of me (even the ones that were sick) and it felt like I'd never left.

The first night was a late one. This is our cab drivers' coat.

It was around 4am and we were heading home from the bar- but there was 5 of us so no cab would take us (WHY we didn't just split up- I don't know). Then we found this guy. He acted like the car was his pimp-mobile or something with his arm thrown around the front seat, shades on (it was 4am- not pm), and loud beating music. I swear if he could've he would've had the car jumping up and down all old skool. It was sooo funny.

This is my friend (and old roommate) Paul.

Paul went on a date the other day with a guy who took classes at some celestial centre. He told Paul- within the first two minutes of their date- that he was taking the 9 levels of something or other to enlightment- and that on level 7 he reached a state of such consciousness that he was able to hear a sound that is not discernable by man or dog- but rather is a sound communicated via aliens- that manifests itself as colours shooting like lasers out of your eyes.

2 minutes in.

And Paul is going on a date #2.

Here is a pic of me and my good friends Ashleigh and Danielle at Leo. My friend Dawn decided to take pictures of the "Kostecki" invasion.

Lookit how happy I am.
Oh and one thing I'll say ... I did get a LOT of "ohmygoshyougivethegreatesthugs" comments. It almost got to the point where I was like- yah I get it. I'm a strong hugger. I know. Enough already.

Not that I'm complaining. : )

Oh and this is my friend P.

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