Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"She's Gone Bridal"

Before I started at Ogilvy NY I had a good long conversation with a girl named Liz about life at Ogivly: the work-life balance, the people and the work. And as conversations are wont to do... ours steered off course from 'work stuff' to 'life stuff' and we found we quite a few things in common, one of which is that we've both had the experience of being a bridesmaid multiple times.
Where I think Liz's experiences differed from mine is that she has stood up for friends who underwent a sort of 'transformation' if you will, from a 'bride' to a *ahem* 'bridezilla'. And these experiences have provided fodder for a great many stories.
(For the record I've had the fortune of being with a pile of the most laid back brides ever - seriously- I can't think of a single bride who was anything but calm and accommodating!).
But this fodder for great storytelling has become just that- a great story. And Liz has written a book. It's on shelf today- and is called... "She's Gone Bridal".
It's funny, charming and insightful- just like Liz.

I think you should pick up a copy and read it and tell your friends about it so they can read it too! Everyone can live vicariously through her experiences- or learn something to help your own! http://tinyurl.com/d9wc6p

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