Monday, July 13, 2009

Ebbs and Flows

You know how sometimes you become friends with someone and there is an instant connection? You are best friends that hang out all the time, sort of like you did in grade 4.
You have so much in common.
You have so much fun together.
It's just easy to hang out, and as we get older that is harder and harder to find.
But then.

Well life starts getting in the way. Work interrupts. Schedules get harder to work around. Other commitments/friendships creep in and take over. Other people now require your time and attention.

The friendship that was so overwhelming at its' start suddenly becomes this annoying white background noise that is so indelibly inked into your life that you can't ignore it because you're not aware of it on a conscious level, nor can you get rid of it. It's just a part of you. An unpleasant, undesirable, impossible to remove part of you.


I've never really had that experience. For me, the love remains. Maybe it tapers off or becomes less intense. But it's there in some form of another. In face, most of the friendships I have, I'm the one that refuses to let go. I might not see the person for months, or even years at a time. But once I'm in- I'm in.

Try to get rid of me. Just try.


Rose said...

I almost thought you were giving me a hint! Phew!

Never would I ever try and get rid of you! I can't even imagine what I would do without you!

Lindsy said...

I just love your blog! xxx