Thursday, July 09, 2009

My first fourth

I recently celebrated my first fourth of July weekend. I don't know what I was expecting but lots of rah rah America kind of stuff. This was kind of hard to do considering the dozen or so people I spent the weekend with were anything but American.

Festivities began on Wednesday when J&E invited us over to theirs for 'spagbol' which is short for a 'spicy delicious fantastic spaghetti dinner'.
I'm posting the table so E can show her mom.

Thursday we went to visit some fellow Canadians Rob and Lindi and Annika (she's brand new!). For a set of new parents they were remarkably laid back and relaxed! In fact the most animated person there was Annika- she was so alert and wonderful. It was immediate love.

Friday was full of adventure when I had people over to mine for a wine and pizza party on my newly and nearly finished deck. People who know me know that I don't relish the idea of hosting (casual drop bys where there are zero expectations -sure but actual parties... nope). But Friday was pretty decent- except when I poisoned all of my friends and they left by 11pm. That part wasn't so great. (Of course I should point out that 11 of the 12 people who came all told me afterwards that they had a great time!!)

Saturday was a bit of a write off - but we went to K&Cs for a bbq where we watched two amazing sites. First the fireworks off of the Hudson.

Secondly our friend JP doing the lemming being chased by a tiger dance. Or maybe it was a springbok (which I've never heard of so I think it's a made up animal anyway) being chased by a lion.

*VIDEO TO COME* (it is not in the best interests of certain parties to have the video out on the www at this point in time!!)

Sunday we watched the AWESOME tennis match (I am now convinced I need to drag out my tennis racket from when I was 12 and start playing again) at Nadine's house- and had a lovely brunch.

Finished the weekend just as it began- with J&E over to mine to sit on our patio with an impromptu dinner party (the kind I can do).

For a fourth weekend it ranks up there.

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