Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music in the Park

Something I quite enjoy doing is going to listen to classical music. I don't do it that often but more frequently than some (eg. more than just Christmas).

Tonight was the annual NY Philharmonic free concert in Central Park. My friends arranged it (and by arranging I mean they told us about it and then went early to stake out seats with wine and cheeses and with balloons to make our territory).

There was a good crowd, which was great. The downside of which is that we were all so happy to be together, and outside enjoying the beautiful weather and having a picnic, is that we didn't stop chatting long enough to actually listen to the music!

I know it was aggravating to some around us- though to be fair nearly everyone in the park was talking. And by everyone I mean about 215,000 people!!!

I really enjoyed myself and it was a perfect way to spend a Tuesday night in the summer. I just wish I'd had maybe a few more minutes of "quiet time" so that I could listen to and appreciate the music while laying on the grass under the setting sun.

But that's just me- and I'm a bit weird/old that way!!

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