Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oscar's Choice

I watched the movie "Sophie's Choice" last night, starring Meryl Streep. It's from 1982 (I like watching older movies and seeing current aging stars when they were 'young and fresh'). She received a best actress Oscar for her performance. You know how everyone is always on about how great Meryl Streep is?? This is why.

Her performance was amazing. Her acting ability is brilliant. She was so good I feel cheated by every other performance I've ever seen by another actor in any other movie. ever. In fact I think they should just keep giving her the best actress award every year because she makes all other "best actresses" look like the keanu reeves of best actresses.

"You, you, you, you and you. You're okay- and great you got a nom but you still suck compared to Meryl Streep's performance in 'Sophie's Choice'. You're just the best of the worst this year which is not good enough. And the award goes to.... Meryl Streep for her performance in 'Sophie's Choice' (gasp!). Next!"

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