Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quiet times indeed

For a quiet weekend with very little plans the last two days have been pretty jam packed. I had a great Friday night watching an old movie (see earlier post). Saturday I went to the Museum of Natural History and saw one of the LAMEST Space exhibit I don't know what you even call it thing. Honestly- that museum has such potential- and though I really like it- it falls short.
The afternoon was then filled with running into random friends, seeing other friends in the park and then wine with another friend. Though I live in one of the largest cities in North America I sometimes feel like I live in a small little town where people still do spontaneous drop bys.
I also went to see "500 Days of Summer" - very good. I heart Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Charming little movie about love found and love lost. It's actually 200 days of joy/summer followed by 300 days of pain and heartbreak/deep dark winter.
Today was a bit more relaxed though I did attempt to bike around the island. I started at 70th on the West side- and biked all the way down to the southern tip of the island and then up the East side to 70th again and across the park home. It was a good 2 hours with a couple of stops and dealing with detours and traffic. Next time I'll do the northern half- and then eventually the whole thing.
Finally to round off my weekend plans: my dear dear friends J&E came home today and the core group (we call ourselves that- yes we are nerds) was reunited. We had sushi and made some plans for a trip to the Maritimes in the Fall. It's the best time of year to go since the colours are beautiful and the weather is perfect (yikes- that was a total Grandma comment!). I'm excited to take them there and show them my second home.

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