Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Business of Medicine

I had my first experience with the American medical system this week and like everything else in this country it's ruled by the almighty dollar. I had suspicions of what I was in for, with the doctor fulfilling my expectations by offering up the most expensive test possible for a swollen knee. I can tell you what's wrong: I'm old. And I ran too hard last week and so my knee protested by swelling up. Take a needle to it- drain it- and let's get on with our day. But no. He suggested I get an MRI- which according to my sister-in-law is the gold standard of x-rays. Yes he'll get an indepth look at my knee issues, but to the tune of $750. But since my insurance covers it- why not?!

Well there is the little matter of unnecessary exposure to intense radiation. UPDATE: There is apparently no ionized radiation with MRIs and they are quite safe. YAY. And spending on my HSA should a real emergency come up (quick: knock on wood).

So we'll see how it goes. I'm talking to the doctor again on Tuesday and I'll try to withstand his aggressive sales pitch (believe me- he was smoother than a car salesman).

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